The top 10 articles of 2022

Intouch public health blog. 2022 in review. Our 10 most read articles.

As we try to rest over this holiday season, it’s time for reflecting on the year in Public Health in Australia through our contributors’ eyes. From COVID-19 to COP27, to the proposed Australian Centre for Disease Control, to remembering a beloved colleague, here are the 10 most-read Intouch articles of 2022. We thank all the authors for taking the time to share their expertise with the world via our blog. If you’d like to contribute on a public health topic of your choice in 2023, check out our contributors’ guide.

No. 10

Questions of scope and governance: A northern Queensland perspective on the proposed Centre for Disease Control

No. 9

Food, nutrition and climate: What was on the table at COP27?


No. 8

Environmental health essential in an Australian CDC: Sophie Dwyer PSM


No. 7

‘Get runs on the board early’: An overview of the new CDC consultation paper


No. 6

A Centre for Disease Prevention and Control – let’s work together to be clear on the problems it must solve


No. 5


Share your expertise on what an Australian Centre for Disease Control and Prevention could look like

No. 4

In remembrance of Dr Liz Barber, our colleague, friend and advocate for ecology and public health


No. 3

Advocating for Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems in Australia – taking a holistic approach

No. 2

A family perspective to the Omicron variant


No. 1

Who gets a say in public health nutrition? Five perspectives from the field

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